Thursday, June 17, 2010

Party Preparations

I've enjoyed arranging and rearranging things for my photos for the Where Bloggers Create II party. And I admit to a little cleaning for your benefit; one must clean when one will be having guests! The work table still appears a little fuzzy and fluffy, but I know you'll forgive that because it's all a part of making bears.

I hope you'll drop in here on Saturday to visit the New Avenue Crew studio. The bears and I are eager to show you around. And be sure to visit the blog link above for the other party participants. This will be such fun! I hear there will be an archive blog after the event, so you won't miss the festivities if you're away this weekend.

See you Saturday!


  1. I am looking forward to Saturday! That sounds like a lot of fun!

    Hugs Edith

  2. Oh, good. I'm so glad you'll be joining us, Edith! See you Saturday!

    Hugs from Colorado,

  3. i am prepared with my special boarding pass along , awaiting to visit your beloved cottage...

  4. I'm glad you'll be visiting, too, Susana! :o)

  5. I wish I live in the USA. Sounds like a great party you are having. Just think of me in cold Australia!
    M. E. Bears

  6. We will see you on Saturday my dear friend. Prudence sure hopes that her "heart throb" will be there. (o:


  7. ooh sounds good to me too! Can't wait to see
    what you have in store for us!

  8. Wendy, I hope you will drop by to visit. It's warm here. Or just grab a cup of tea as you visit; that's my favorite thing to do when I'm cold.

    Ladies, I do hope you enjoy your visit to my creative space and that you'll stay a while. Wouldn't it be fun if we could all get together in real life?

  9. I like the blog, but could not find how to subscribe to receive the updates by email.

  10. Hi! I'm glad you like my blog! You can join my mailing list using the box kn the right-hand sidebar under Logan (light-peach-colored bear), or by going to the Contact the Crew page (link at the top, right under the header banner). Or, you could post another comment with your e-mail, and I will sign you up and not publish your comment for others to see.


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