Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Avenue Crew Is Published

I'm excited that Small Town Living has included an article about me and New Avenue Crew in its online publication! What an honor. And if my memory serves me correctly, this is the first time I've been "published" (I wrote the article myself). I hope you'll read the article and let me know what you think!

Photos of Crew members have appeared in a few teddy bear magazines before, which was such a thrill for me. If you take a peek at the right-hand sidebar, you'll see a small section called Where You May Have Seen New Avenue Crew that lists those appearances as well as the shows I've done, both in-person and online. I would love to meet you all in person, but for now, the World Wide Web will have to do.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I must confess that I'm lacking somewhat in the motivation department of late. Maybe it's the colder winter weather. Maybe it's the days that get light so late and dark so early. Maybe it's just me.

Yesterday, I received a nice package from a friend of mine, and inside were all manner of trims and trinkets. Many of them can be adornments for my bears! I know I'll have such fun mixing and matching. Thank you so much, Anna!

So I'm still not completely motivated, but I think I'll turn off this computer and start trimming seams on the bear I finished sewing recently. I'm eager to see what she'll look like. She'll be one of my Crew members for the online Blooming Bear show coming up in March. Can't wait! (OK, I guess there's a little motivation there, after all.)