Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Scavenger Hunt: Part II

I've done it again: I updated the New Avenue Crew blog! Can you tell what I've done this time?

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Movie crew on New Avenue, 1989*

In the sage words of my cousin Loren, aka the Groovy Movie Man:

is a cereal.

And indeed it is:

Life cereal box showing "Mikey" from the TV advertisements**

I would like to suggest that, more often than not, this is really the case:

is a serial.

In my 44 years, I have found that life is truly a series that happens in multiple parts and sometimes has reruns of the episodes you'd much rather forget.

Though I love creating my bears, life often interrupts and doesn't allow me to have any time for creativity. I designed my first teddy bear pattern and created New Avenue Crew in August 1996, 16 years ago, but I have had to take many periods of hibernation from bear making, both long and short, because of life's reruns. I recently noticed that the last post here on this blog was posted five months ago!

I don't know whether life will be settling down anytime soon, but with the cooler fall weather, I am feeling the need to pick up the fur and fluff and get busy creating a little someone. And I'd like to share more with you, like the sweet hairless bear I finished back in the spring. I'm thrilled to say that he's been included in a publication...but I'll save that news for another blog post.

Happy autumn to you, dear readers! I hope you can pause to enjoy the colorful leaves, cooler air, pumpkin spice yummies, and a little Crew in your life every so often.

*The movie crew, left to right: Dana, Jennifer, Loren, Sid, Debora (me), Cynthia. And yes, most of us are related: siblings and cousins--and one friend.

**Here's the Life cereal TV commercial I remember. Enjoy!