Saturday, September 4, 2010

Quiet Conversations

I've been wanting to share this post from my old WordPress blog with you, and now is the perfect time. Please enjoy this post about quiet conversations.
For the past few weeks, I have had my bears in progress sitting on my bed. Two of them always seem to end up in what looks like a conspiratorial pose, or one in which they are having a long chat or are looking lovingly into each others’ eyes…I always smile when I see them. I thought I would share a snapshot of them with you, even though they are not finished–a sneak peek at my sweet little chums in progress–and tell you what I think they might be discussing.

“Goodness, when do you think she will finally finish us?”

“I don’t know, but it’s been years in my case.”

“Mine, too!”

“Did you know that she is a proofreader during the day, and she’s a wife and mother, and she works on us in between everything else?”

“Oh! What’s a proofreader?”

“She makes sure that the written word sounds good, looks good…that kind of thing.”

“But why has it taken her so many years to make us?”

“She and her husband adopted their two teenage daughters last year. That took a long time.”

“I’m sure it did!”

“But you know, I’m really very glad she has come out of her bear-making hibernation so we can be loved and adopted one day, too!”

“Me, too!”

“By the way, though it has taken a few years for her to make you, she is going to ‘age’ you some more. Your fur is what they call ‘vintage’ upholstery mohair, and she has already given you some worn spots on your ear, forehead, and muzzle. Her mom collected antique dolls for many years, and so she became a fan of antique teddy bears. She has made one other ‘aged’ bear; he looked well loved. And that’s what she wants for you.”

“Oh! It must be a good thing to be loved.”

“I think it must be.”


  1. Oh.. it IS a good thing to be loved. How beautiful!

  2. Dear bears,

    It's definitely a good thing to be loved. We're sitting here patiently waiting until November when we get to go to a 'fair'. We don't know what that is yet, but LT says that we could get to go to new homes and be adopted by lovely new families just like NAC adopted the girls from the Ukraine. We're going to be really loved (although we do know LT loves us, this will be lots of new families to love us). We're really excited but it seems to be AAAAAGES away

    Hugs and big, sticky, honey covered kisses

    Beech, Birch, Tupelo, Oakley, Maisey, Lilac and Lulu

  3. A beautiful photo Deborah!!

    Lori Ann

  4. Thanks for sharing this conversation, you are so creative! I love that =)

    I am sure both your bears will be loved. I love your bear noses, they are so clean and neat.

  5. Dear Debora, thank you very much! Your bears are also adorable, full of life! I love them))
    With warm regards from Russia-Cyprus:))


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