Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I couldn't resist giving you a sneak peek of a little white bear I'm working on. He is only a head at the moment; I haven't even designed his body, arms, and legs yet. But his personality is already apparent. He looks a little mischievous, perhaps impish, don't you think?

Ah. Can you see his little grin? He has been making me grin, too.

As I work on my bears' heads, I place them in antique teacups on my desk. That way, I can look at them critically to see what else needs to be done. Seeing their faces also helps motivate me to finish them.

Next step for this little guy is to shade his face, and then I'll get out my pencil and paper to design the rest of him. I'm so glad he's patient.


  1. Just as cute as can, yes there is a little mischievous twinkle in those sweet little eyes. Does he have a name yet?


  2. He's a gorgeous little head, not put pencil to paper on the rest of him, if he had feet, he'd be tapping them ;o)

  3. oh isnt that cute? Im still on a high from the new puppies running around work today,,cute cute everywhere today!

  4. The head is very cute and I like him very much. Well done!!

  5. That little bear head looks so cute...small is nice!!! can't wait to see him on his body! Hugs Susan

  6. When I saw this little face in a tea cup I had to come over and discover his story! He's absotlutely adorable, with such a playful inquisitive look already. I can't wait to see how he looks when you're finished. I love his coloring too!


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