Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pumphrey the Clown

Happy Teddy Bear Day to everyone! A friend of mine told me it was Teddy Bear Day today, and I thought it was so fitting to introduce you to the newest Crew member today. Please meet Pumphrey the clown, who I've affectionately been calling my "grand experiment":

Why is he a grand experiment? A few posts ago, I shared that I had the crazy notion one day to design a two-piece head pattern instead of the typical three-part head with gusset piece. I also decided I wanted this bear to have a ski-slope profile, so I put pencil to paper and came up with a pattern with darts top and bottom. After I cut the pieces out of mohair and stitched them up and stuffed them, I worked on the face. The head sat in an antique teacup on my desk during the process so I could look at him, and he at me. He looked so funny when he only had pin heads for eyes! When I finished Pumphrey's head and liked it, I designed his body and limbs.

I wanted him to be very different, so here also I didn't do my typical traditional-style bear. Pumphrey has shorter limbs and a longer body, perfect for a clown! He also has a little tail!

Pumphrey is named after my great-great-great uncle (there might be another great in there somewhere), whose middle name was Pumphrey. He and his wife, Imelda, were affectionately known as Aunt Meldie and Uncle Pun. Looking at their portrait and the twinkle in Uncle Pun's eye, I can just imagine how their nicknames fit.

Pumphrey the clown bear is 13 inches (33 centimeters) tall and made from curly matted tan Helmbold mohair and a lovely purple Schulte mohair. He has gold wool felt paw pads and black glass eyes, his nose and mouth are embroidered with pearl cotton, and I've given him light shading on his face. Pumphrey has his very own clown hat with a vintage flower button from the button box of one of my grandmothers or great aunts. He is stuffed with polyester stuffing and plastic pellets and has a wobble head joint for those quirky clown poses.

If you would like Pumphrey to come live with you and keep you entertained, visit the AVAILABLE BEARS page on this site.

I have very much enjoyed creating Pumphrey and having him around the studio. I have been posting updates about him on my Facebook page as I've been making him, and I know I've kept many of you in suspense waiting to see him. I'm glad I'm finally able to share him with you!

I hope you've enjoyed meeting  Pumphrey the clown!

Note: You can click on the photos to see a larger version and more detail.


  1. Hi Debora,

    We all were wondering where you were. Pumphrey is great, what a little character. He does look like he likes to "clown" around.

    Interesting, have you ever noticed that pictures of past generations never smiled at the camer? Maybe because it was such a scary piece of equipment, exploding, that sure would put a shocked look on anyone's face.

    Heaps of Hugs (HOH)
    All of Us

  2. Oh he is wonderful! I love the way he turned out. A great shape to his head, and I love the colored fur. Happy Teddy Bear Day to you and Pumphrey

  3. Oops, apparently Prudence doesn't know how to spell CAMERA. Please excuse her "fluff head" spelling.

    The Mom

  4. At LAST! Well I suppose he was worth the wait ;o) He's fab, love all his funky clowniness

  5. Pumphrey is very cute! A Grand Experiment I would say. Good job!

  6. Hi Debora, I love Pumphrey! He is gorgeous and I love his colour combination and fur. Happy Teddy Bear day, hope to see more of Pumphrey's brothers and sisters =)

  7. Oh my gosh!! Is he ever the most darling little thing! Great job girlfriend! Bravo!!!
    xx, shell

  8. Hi Debora, Pumphrey - the handsome man! The combination of colors of a mohair very is pleasant!

  9. Deborah - how lovely - beautiful color combination and love his proportions and little tail - what a sweetheart! Looking forward to seeing the next one - have a great day - MaryAnn

  10. He is wonderful!!! you did a perfect job Debora!!

    Let me just say...OH MY GOODNESS>>I LOVE LONGFELLOW!!! He's in the sidebar with Levi..oh my gracious..his eyes!! They were looking right at me!!

    Hugs, Doreen

  11. Hi Debora!
    You won the little journal giveaway on my blog!
    Please email me your address and your treasure will be in the mail!
    Hope your day is sweet~


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