Saturday, April 23, 2011

Springtime with Kalinka and Malinka

I have been wanting to share the story of sweet springtime sisters Kalinka and Malinka with you. I was inspired to create them by the lively Russian folk song Kalinka,* which is about a garden in bloom. Sometimes I'm inspired by things and people right here in my home. Our daughters are from Ukraine, and their first language is Russian, so the Ukrainian/Russian culture is a good source of inspiration for me.

Kalinka (Калинка in Russian, pronounced ka-LEEN-ka) means little snowball tree blossom. I created Kalinka from beautiful soft ivory kid mohair. She is lovely to hold! Kalinka's sister is named Malinka (Малинка in Russian, pronounced ma-LEEN-ka), which means little raspberry blossom. Raspberry blossoms made me envision a bear in pink, so I created Malinka from pink wavy distressed mohair. She is a sweetie.

*Here is the song Kalinka sung by Nikolai Baskov. I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Such pretty pastel Easter colors. Nice inspiration too.

    I hope you and your family have a very Happy Easter!


  2. Beautiful names for your beautiful bears!
    Happy Easter Debora =)

  3. So adorable! Happiest of Easter wishes to you my friend.
    xx, shell

  4. Both bears are really beautiful. I love the colors, they are spring.

    Did you get the eggs out and do pysanky with your daughters this year? One of my most favorite crafts.

  5. Happy Easter, dear friend. A most blessed day.


  6. OLa Debora!Adorei seu blog ,os seus ursos são lindos. Sandra

  7. Wonderful bears!!! I love this song, mu Mom used to listen to Ivan Rebroff sing it and I would pretend to be a dancer!!!
    Margaret B

  8. das sind so richtig schöne Bären.
    Liebe GRüße Jana


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