Saturday, October 2, 2010


Have you ever been to a teddy bear show? It is such fun to wander the aisles looking at the sweet faces on every table, chatting with artists and bear lovers alike, holding and hugging fantastic furry creations, and falling in love with the little--or big--bear across the room.

The last show I participated in as an artist was in 2002, eight years ago. I miss bear shows! So I'm happy to announce that I will be participating in a brand-new show coming up this November, Teddies Worldwide, produced by Daphne Blau of Back Road Events. (She creates bears, too, under the Back Road Bears label. Talent!) 

And the best part? It's ONLINE. Yes, that means you can visit in your pajamas, if you prefer!

There will be 75 teddy bear artists from around the world participating in this show. This is the biggest online show to date!

I will be making three new Crew members especially for the show. The fur has been flying here in the New Avenue Crew studio! One bear is almost completely sewn, and the others are slated for sewing soon. I can't wait to work on their faces and see them come to "life"!

Please be sure to visit Teddies Worldwide for more information about the show. You can sign up for a reminder e-mail there, too. (If you like, you can sign up for my mailing list in the box in the sidebar at right, and I'll send you a reminder e-mail about the show, as well as news about New Avenue Crew and notification when I have new bears available for adoption.)

Don't miss this fabulous show featuring holiday bears by 75 international artists!

I thought you would get a kick out of this picture of me and my Crew members at the Nevada City teddy bear convention in April 2001. Enjoy!


  1. Your stuffed works of art are amazing!!! Thanks so much for visiting my site, I've always been interested in creating teddy bears like this, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I only know how to make fleece stuffed toys so far. You're so talented!

  2. Successful show, I wish all bear to find new homes!

  3. Looking forward to meeting all the new show creations :o)



  4. I m so excited too Debora! I have just completed a bear last night for the show and now 2 more left =)

    I really hope that there'll be a chance that i get to meet you in real person in one of the bear shows.

    P.S You look great with your bears on this photo.


  5. It's going to be a wonderful show girlfriend! I know you are busy as can be getting ready.
    It's all about you on my blog tomorrow. :)
    I borrowed some photos. I hope you don't mind.
    xx, shell

  6. I noticed you liked art and wanted to share my new blog with you! Love your page.

  7. Hi Debora,

    I just love coming here and seeing the wonderful bear faces. Yum-yum! Anyway, good luck with the show and getting ready. I'm sure you'll be a sell-out. Maybe I'll get to see them before they all depart. And that bit about shopping in your pajamas - so true.

    warmest regards,

  8. Hey there! I have never been to a bear show but will definitely be at your online show - it will be something to see I think. I hope it's a roaring success. I saw the post Shell @ Raspberry Rabbits did on you and that was well deserved! You do such beautiful work and your bears are so charming. Inquiring minds want to know though... will any be wearing hats? Have you broken down and tried making one yet??? With holes or without?


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