Monday, October 4, 2010

The Bears Bounce with the Raspberry Rabbits

Today, I am so touched and honored that New Avenue Crew and I are featured on Michelle May's beautiful blog, the Raspberry Rabbits. Michelle has so graciously put me and the Crew in the spotlight for the day! I hope you will hop on over to see her lovely needlework creations and her sweet rabbit assistants and take a peek at her blog post about the Crew.

Thank you so much, Shell! xoxo


  1. Wow! How nice of her! I was happy to see a familiar white fuzzy face. That reminds me, he needs a little grooming from his past few voyages in my bag. Off to tend to the bears!

  2. Congratulations my was a lovely article :)

    LOVE the picture of you and your wonderful bears in the post below!!! :)

    Hugs, D

  3. Yippee Skippee . . what a lovely blog posting by Michelle.
    Beautiful photo too!

    happy stitches,
    Lori Ann

  4. Hi Debora,

    Thank you for your translation!! She gave me a comment on my new horse too can you translate this too??

    I love your new bears!!!!Beauty's


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