Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I’m so happy to introduce you to a special bear named Logan. Here is his story.

For many years, I had set bear making aside. In 2006, I took a bear to sew at a craft Saturday at church. Elaine, a dear friend, approached me about making a bear for her 5-year-old granddaughter, Logan, who was struggling with aplastic anemia. I enjoyed working on a bear again and completed Geneva (my grandmother’s middle name) in time for Elaine to give her to Logan for her 6th birthday.

Sadly, sweet little Logan lost her battle with her illness in March of 2007. She is now with Jesus and experiencing a life we can only imagine. Geneva was the last bear I completed until this year.

In memory of Logan, I decided to name the first bear I completed after her. And so, Logan the bear was born earlier this year.

Logan the bear wears a photo pendant and a key tied over his heart with blue silk ribbon. The pendant holds a photo of Geneva, Logan’s bear. The key says LIFE to celebrate Logan’s life on earth and in heaven.

And Logan the bear comes with a small wooden frame that holds a copy of a drawing of a bear done by Logan herself.

Logan the bear stands 10.5 inches (26.67 centimeters) tall, is made from a lovely peach-toned Schulte kid mohair with a hint of a blush, and has matching Ultrasuede paw pads. He is five-way jointed, has a hand-embroidered nose in pearl cotton, sports black glass eyes, and is stuffed with polyester fiber and plastic pellets for a good weight. I have carefully added some light shading to enhance his features.

Logan is available for adoption for $185 plus shipping. If you would like Logan to come live with you, send me an e-mail.

Update: Teddy Logan has found a new home! He is being adopted and will be going to live in Virginia.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting Logan the bear. I’ve enjoyed creating him and having him around the studio.

For more of young Logan’s story, be sure to visit her Caring Bridge website: Logan's Race.


  1. Oh Debora I know that had to be difficult for you. Thank you for sharing, I read it through teary eyes. Everytime I see a sunrise, or anything really beautiful I think of how amazing it will be in our eternal life. Can you imagine?

    Logan the bear - what a sweet little boy he is. He has so much personality and charm.

    You are a dear friend, and thank you for sharing.


  2. Oh he's lovely, and what a beautiful tribute to Logan herself, expecially the little key and pendant



  3. Lovely story and a beautiful bear. I am glad you returnned to bearmaking - it's a real treat to see your work. I am confident this teddy will find a wonderful home.


  4. Dear Debora, thanks for sharing such a lovely story. I knew you have lots of thoughts while making this bear. Logan the bear is lovely, a wonderful creation =)

    with love,

  5. What a beautiful story, sad but very beautiful. It's odd sometimes how things work out when we are creative and the people that impact what we do with art. Yours is a true expression of that. Thanks for telling it Debora.

  6. Debora, what a sad story. I have visited the homepage of Logan.
    This is so sad ......

    Your Bear Logan is beautiful! What a darling!!!!

    Bear Hugs from Germany!

  7. Debora,
    I loved your story about young Logan and how He came to be. How it must have blessed you to make Logan of a sick child.

    Which bring me to a couple things. Never put down you Teddy bear making machine. You were given a gift, a chance to enrich others and to be enriched. I know life get busy and sad..(recently..I recieved sad news about my Dad meaning he will not last)but the bears must go on. Secondly young Logan was hardly on sale for long enough..glad that he was purchased, sad not by me.

    Please keep making them and given lots of notice for the bear sales.

    Best always Debbie.

    Kim Klintz


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