Saturday, July 24, 2010


I'm happy to introduce you to the newest Crew member: Borealis.

Though he is white, he is not a polar bear--he is a kermode bear. (See the post below this one for some photos of kermode bears.)

Kermode bears are not albinos; they are a rare white phase of the North American black bear. They are striking!

Borealis is named after the aurora borealis or northern lights that are sometimes visible in the night sky in the kermode bear's home range of western Canada and Alaska.

His multicolored nose reflects the beautiful colors of the aurora borealis.

Borealis stands 8.5 inches (21.59 centimeters) tall, is made from an ivory-toned alpaca, and has black glass eyes. He sports pulled fingers and toes and needle-sculpted pads of Ultrasuede.

He is five-way jointed, has a hand-embroidered nose, and is stuffed with polyester fiber and glass beads for a nice weight. I have carefully added some light shading to enhance his features. Borealis comes with his fish pendant, which is accented with two small stones.

Borealis is available for adoption directly from me for $135 plus shipping. Send me an e-mail if you would like Borealis to come live with you.

Update: Borealis has found a new home! He has been adopted and will be going to live with a very sweet girl in Minnesota.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting Borealis. I've enjoyed creating him and having him around the studio; he looks cute nestled with the bigger bears. He will likely be my last small bear for a while--small bears make my eyes work extra hard!


  1. Oh he came out beautifully, love the colours in his nose, reflects the aurora borealis very well



  2. Debora,

    He is one of the most beautiful artist bears we have seen. We love his name.

    Prudence & Sissy
    (especially Mom)

  3. Oh Debbie, Borealis is wonderful! Perfect in every way!!!

    Have a nice day! Bear Hugs from Germany!


  4. Lovely bear! Lovely idea!

  5. He's a beautiful bear Deborah! Thank you for yor kind words in regards to my little cat. I replied in my blog but thought maybe I should hop on over to here. Gorgeous bears!

  6. Hi Debora,

    Borealis is fabulous and love the colours of his sweet nose.
    I have changed your link on my website and was neat to find your new place. Thanks for your note.

    Happy week

  7. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, everyone! I'm thrilled that you like Borealis! We wished him "bon voyage" this morning; he's off to his new mom. :o)

  8. What an absolutely fabulous bear! I love his name too!


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