Friday, July 10, 2015

Teddy Bear Picnic Day

I was surprised earlier this week to find out that today is Teddy Bear Picnic Day. I had no idea! We shouldn't miss an important holiday like Teddy Bear Picnic Day!

Juniper enjoying the garden (pretend he's having a picnic)
It has been raining quite a lot here this summer, so there haven't been many opportunities for a picnic, but indoor picnics with teddy bears are allowed, I'm sure.

Enjoy this new, very important holiday with your teddies!


  1. We are on our way to Camp Good Bear, this year Prudence's cousin Jackson will be joining in. We are en-route now and they both are sound asleep in the back of the SUV. When we stop for our picnic lunch I will tell them about Teddy Bear Picnic Day.

  2. It's so hot here in the south that I think we will have an indoor teddy bear picnic with my grands. Thanks for sharing.


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