Monday, April 9, 2012

Scavenger Hunt: Update

Yes, I did make a few updates to my blog recently. You've been so kind to say that you like my blog, but I'm not sure if you were able to find what I changed. That's OK: I'll tell you what I changed!

First, I shortened the names of the page tabs up at the top of the blog under the header banner so I could add a new page. Which page is new? The new page is called Published. I wanted to share with you the magazines (both printed and digital) and websites where New Avenue Crew has appeared. I am so honored that a few magazines have chosen to include me and the Crew. Because two of the articles about the Crew appear in online format, you can read them by clicking on their names.

The other changes were to the right-hand sidebar. I moved some of the pictures around so you can find the mailing list signup and the following feature faster. I have other ideas, too, but they will have to wait. I am a busy bear maker, though I'm not always busy with bear making!


  1. I must say I found the list at the top was shortened, but didn't realize the left hand side column was different. Well done.

  2. Well, the blog looks great, and it is fun to see where you have been published! And now that I am noticing your blog background, I still like it! LOL :)

  3. I'm glad you like my blog and the background. :o) It's fun to share my whimsical side with that background. And I'm tickled to have been included in those publications. :o)


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